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What is it & How to Begin

In one sense, every service should have an element of all-age worship. 'Age' is not just about the number of birthdays; it is also about faith and spiritual experience. For example:

So, all-age worship is not about children joining a homogeneous adult congregation, but about inclusive worship in which everyone gives and receives at their own level. Creating a truly all-age service is a challenge, but it will engage with worshippers of all ages and walks of life, give them a sense of the presence of God and an experience of worshipping him as part of a community.

For a thorough exploration of the theory and practice of all-age worship, read All-Age Worship by Lucy Moore.

We worship God with our whole selves. In the Reformed tradition, we are inclined to use too many words and explanations, even though we know that people learn more through seeing and doing than just through listening. Signs and symbols, visual effects, movement, music and drama are as important as the readings and preaching in setting an atmosphere or conveying a message.

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