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About Barnabas Children's Ministry

Barnabas Children's Ministry is one of the core ministries of BRF. As part of this ministry, we provide a growing range of resources for parents, teachers and others who work with children up to the age of 11.

Alongside our Books and Resources, we have a professional and experienced Barnabas Children's Ministry Team ready to help you in practical ways as you seek to bring the Bible to life with children and families.

There are three aspects to Barnabas Children's Ministry:

Our Aim - Barnabas in Churches

...resourcing churches, children and families to explore the Bible and grow in faith

Our aim is both to help you nurture the faith and worship of those children already linked to your church or school, and to work with you in appropriate mission initiatives to reach new children and their families. We do this through:

Meet the Team

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More about Supporting us

Barnabas in Schools

...exploring Christianity creatively

Visit the Barnabas in Schools website

Faith in Homes

...resourcing children and families to explore Christianity and grow in faith

Faith in Homes is also part of our Barnabas Children's Ministry, looking at how we can resource, enable and equip families to explore the Christian faith at home.

Visit the Faith in Homes website

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