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The Bible in fruit

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On your marks:

Even though in the Western world we have the privilege of an all-year-round supply of all sorts of foods, harvest continues to be an important moment to stop and celebrate God’s provision of the amazing variety of fruits and vegetables we can enjoy. Many children and their families still come to church for Harvest Thanksgiving, and so it is an opportunity to remind us all that God is the one who gives us these good things. What is more, this same God loves us and offers us the even more wonderful gift of Jesus, so we can experience a harvest of grace in our lives. The following outline uses some of the fruit that may have been brought up as part of the service, along with a few new ones, to lead into a simple presentation of the good news of the Christian faith.

Get set:

You will need a large basket, which you can fill with fruit - some of these may have already been brought up as gifts in the service, so use them. Make sure you include at least one of each of the following: orange, apple, pear, mango, tin of lychees, bunch of grapes, star fruit, jar of olives, plums, berries (of any sort), passion fruit, grapefruit and peach


1. There is such a great variety of foods available in the world today. Play a game with the congregation to see if they can name different fruits for each letter of the alphabet.

apricot, banana, cherry, damson, elderberry, fig, guava, honeydew melon, …, jackfruit, kumquat, lemon, mandarin, nectarine, olive, papaya, quince, raspberry, satsuma, tangerine, ugli fruit, …, water melon, …, yucca, zucchini… any offers for I, V and X?

2. Ask people which their favourite fruits are. Has anyone tried some strange fruits from another part of the world? Have some unusual fruits for people to try.

3. We’re here today to say a massive ‘thank you’ to God for giving us such an amazingly fruitful world. It is indeed a tasty world and God wants us to enjoy it! But there is an even greater ‘fruit’ that God has for us all, if we are ready to ‘taste and see’ (Psalm 34:8). Maybe the fruits I’ve got in this basket can help us discover that.

4. Weave the Bible story around the following pieces of fruit as you pick out one at a time.

5. You might like to end this by linking the various fruits you have now talked about in a positive way to the fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23) that can grow in our lives as we welcome Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour.

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