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Supporting Special Needs

In recent years, more and more churches have been looking for advice and resources for children with special needs so they can support them in their children’s programmes.

However, the issues can be very wide ranging and often complex. At the very least, it could mean providing trained, one-to-one support for those with special needs, as well as the provision of a separate 'safe' space for some children. Your church may be able to draw on the expertise of a specially trained teacher from a local school - the Special Needs Teacher.

Ellie Wilson, the Special Needs Officer for the Diocese of Wakefield, has kindly agreed to let us provide a download of a leaflet she has written 'Supporting Children with Special Needs'. You will find some very helpful tips for making your children’s work more inclusive, as well as some web links to organisations that can offer further, more specialist advice.

Download now

In addition, there is a training module looking at special needs in More Core Skills for Children's Work. This gives an overview of the different needs children may have or face, and ways of enabling them to participate fully in activities (you can either buy the whole resource, or just the special needs module as you prefer).

Go to the Training and Skills page in the Books and Resources section to find out more about Core Skills.

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