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Planning All-age Worship

When you plan a service, think of the Bible story/passage as a coat hanger! Start with scripture readings and hang everything else on them.

If your church uses a lectionary or you are following a programme, ask yourself:

This can be a challenge but it gives continuity for regular worshippers and covers a wide range of scripture. Be prepared to adapt an inappropriate or long reading, or to leave it out. Make a collection of resources so you have something to help you on these occasions.

The other way is to start by asking yourself:

This has advantages and dangers. It is especially appropriate for a special service or when most of those present are children - for example, at a school or as part of a midweek club. It also provides flexibility to focus on a particular local situation or occasion. But beware of using just a few favourite Bible stories and themes. This can lead to superficiality and possibly distort the story of God's relationship with his people.

The key to all-age worship is 'preparation':

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