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How we can help ideas, great ideas, advice, training, resources, crafts, work in schools, faith in homes, recharging batteries and more...

Many churches run midweek and after-school clubs in their local area. Our website has hundreds of tried and tested ideas to get you started. In addition, we are available to lead events for your church, using drama, storytelling and games to explore a Bible theme.

A good idea is only a click away! Use the search facility on our website to find plenty of ideas for sessions with your children's groups. Each idea is set out simply and clearly so that you can use it straightaway.

We believe that children and adults both need to experience and take part in good all-age worship for the growth of the whole church. We are available to come and lead a training session on the principles and practice of effective, inclusive worship in your church, as well as provide you with ideas to use week by week.

We have holiday club books and ideas to resource special events for children and families. We can also help you plan and run these days.

All our books are written by experienced leaders and teachers, and they contain tried and tested material. Have a look at the Art, Craft, Drama & Games page.

We have a large team of experienced and trained schools' workers, who will bring a programme of workshops to your school for the day. Using storytelling, drama, dance and/or music, the aim is to explore Christianity creatively, using Bible stories on a range of curriculum-linked themes. The team can work with all children in Key Stages 1 and 2. Full information about our Barnabas RE Days, costs and booking details can be found on our schools website.

This is an issue that many churches are thinking about. In order to provide ideas and share good practice, Barnabas Children's Ministry has developed its Faith in Homes website supported by articles, ideas, books and ongoing research. This is a new and exciting aspect of our work.

In the past, many churches have tried offering occasional 'family services', and although there are places where this approach may still have some success, on the whole it does not seem to suit current lifestyle patterns, particularly with regard to our traditional Sunday service times. In addition, in a society that is seeing an increasing fragmentation of family life, the idea of church that has segregated groups as part of its eventual offer is not perhaps the best solution.

A new all-age fresh expression of church is needed and this is where Messy Church has come into its own. This is another of BRF's core ministries and is a growing phenomenon. The Barnabas Children's Ministry Team would be very happy to explore this solution with you. You can contact us through the Messy Church website.

Some sort of 'sacred space' for those who work with children is vital. Children's leaders may often miss out on worship and teaching with the whole church, so why not show how much you care about their ministry by organising a Quiet Day for them - time out with God - so that they can be re-energised in their important calling. Investing in your leaders in this way is a real investment in your children. BRF has a programme of Quiet Days.

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