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All-age services and activities

The Barnabas Children's Ministry team believes passionately that we as adult Christians not only have something precious to share with our children, but also that children have so much that they can teach us about the love of God, faith in Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

For this reason, we are not only committed to resourcing dedicated times of teaching and learning with children in groups parallel to what happens in church for adults, but also those times when Christians of all ages and at all stages of faith worship and learn together.

We believe that if we take Jesus' words about children and the Kingdom of God seriously, then a shared pilgrimage of faith is a vital experience for adults and children alike, as we learn from each other how to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. For this reason, the Barnabas Children's Ministry team is very committed to providing ideas and material for 'good' all-age worship in church services or for whenever the whole family of God comes together as an inclusive community.

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