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Opening up the King James Bible

A cross-curricular topic for upper Key Stage 2/3

Chris Hudson

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This free download from Barnabas in Schools provides a series of classroom activities for teaching and learning about the King James Bible. The different units provide a range of opportunities for discussion, reflection and personal response, and are arranged as follows:

1) Introduction: The King James Bible in Performance

A short text (Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd) is used for an English lesson based on dramatic speaking.

2) Translating the King James Bible

Two lessons explore the historical background to the creation of the King James Bible.

3) How the Bible 'Works'

Two lessons explain the overall layout and literary genres of the Bible, explore different opinions about its usefulness and worth - and evaluate positive strategies to read and understand Bible passages today.

4) Slavery, Abolition and the King James Bible

Bible texts are sometimes used (or misused) to justify or challenge an argument. Two lessons investigate early examples of this, in the campaign to abolish the Atlantic Slave Trade.

5) Picturing the Apocalypse

One Art lesson uses texts from the Book of Revelation as a stimulus for imaginative work.


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Author info

Chris Hudson is an experienced teacher, author and trainer, dedicated to promoting high quality teaching and learning in primary schools. He now provides regular INSET for schools on a variety of themes related to the Bible and Christianity, and Barnabas RE Day storytelling, drama and music workshops for schoolchildren.


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  • Published: 01 June 2012
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  • Format: PDF Download
  • Pages: 65
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