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Parachute Fun for Everyone

50 playchute activities for telling Bible stories, teaching and worship

Renita Boyle

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Playchutes (parachutes designed specifically for play) are multi-coloured, multi-age and multi-fun from the moment they appear from their bags to the moment they are packed away. They are increasingly valued as a tool in Christian teaching and worship activities, including storytelling, songs, prayers, praise, reflection and games, as they naturally encourage many of the values at the heart of the Christian faith.

Parachute Fun for Everyone is packed with 50 pick-and-mix activity ideas to use with children, from under-fives through to teenagers, mixed-age groups including adults, and those with special needs, in nursery schools; camps; clubs; churches; Sunday schools; primary schools; assemblies; community festivals; family days; spiritual retreats or training days.

Guidance is given as to energy levels, from warm-ups to cool-downs (and everything in between), suitable age groups (from preschool to adult and mixed-age) and necessary accessories.

Many of the activities are adapted from well-known parachute and circle games long in use. What makes them valuable beyond the fun factor is the opportunity for spiritual growth as you explore and respond to their themes together.

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Author info

Renita Boyle has been described as a 'remarkable storyteller who can keep young audiences spellbound and older listeners thinking'. She is a member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum and is listed among the professional storytellers in the Scottish Storytelling directory. She is an experienced children's worker and has a BA(Hons) in Theology. Her published works include ''Parable Fun for Little Ones''(Barnabas 2007) and "Understanding Compassion"(BRF 2004)


Book details

  • ISBN: 9781841017020
  • Published: 18 March 2011
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
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