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Junior Heroes!

A five-day holiday club plan, complete and ready to run

John Hardwick

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Junior Heroes! explores the lives of five children in the Bible: Samuel; the boy in the story of the feeding of the 5,000; David; Naaman's servant girl and King Josiah. Each had a strong faith in God and made a real difference in the face of adversity. In so doing, they each became junior heroes! Each story also incorporates an aspect of the Armour of God from Ephesians 6.

Using John Hardwick's ever popular mix of songs, warm-up activities, drama, crafts, games, puppet sketches, Bible narrations, quizzes and funsheets, the material offers five off-the-peg sessions for a holiday programme plus ideas for a Sunday service or one-off special event. The material is equally suitable for mid-week clubs and all-age worship.


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Author info

John Hardwick works under the banner of Counties and Children Worldwide to present the Christian message to children of all ages. Equally well received in schools and churches, John's musical skills (both as a composer and performer) and his skills in storytelling are a proven success. He leads praise parties, training sessions on creative communication, and all-age worship. John is an all-age worship leader at Spring Harvest and Easter People, a key member of the Barnabas RE Dayteam and author of the popular holiday club resources, We're Going on a Jungle Jamboree and Champions, both published by Barnabas.


From: The Church Times - 07 September 2007 I'm a John Hardwick fan; so it is good to know that he has produced more holiday club material. I've not yet had chance to try out this book, but on first reading it looks as useful as his previous publications. Junior Heroes! explores the lives of young people of faith whom God used to do his work, and whose stories are told in scripture. The book provides guidelines for putting on a club, a suggested timetable and programme, theme songs, ideas for talks, games, crafts, puppet sketches, worksheets, and so on. There is also material for an end-of-club event, or slot in a service. From: The Methodist Recorder - 12 April 2007 As spring and summer holiday plans begin to be made, so provision for holiday clubs is likely to be discussed. Junior Heroes incorporates all the publisher's usual excellently practical details which are designed to ensure a well-run, effective holiday club, enhanced by the author's performing and musical experience. Planned as a five-day programme, the children of the Bible on which it is based (helped along by a Watt family daily drama) are Samuel, David, Josiah, Naaman's unnamed servant girl and the boy with his loaves and fishes, as well as an extra story looking at how Moses' sister, Miriam, risked her life in order to save her baby brother. The introduction leaves no room for doubt on what is required of a club leader and their varied helpers, not least in the legal requirements which have to be met - conflicting though these might be when 'No team member should be alone with a child where their activity cannot be seen by others' is juxtaposed with the need to have enough helpers to escort children to the toilet. The photocopiable material is aimed at the 5-11 age group and, despite the need for a well-crafted framework, is designed to result in a thoroughly happy (and therefore well-remembered) time for everyone involved. I particularly like the injunction to team members to 'expect to have fun yourself and be open to learn. The teaching aspect of the programme is not just for the kids - God may choose to speak to you, too!'

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  • ISBN: 9781841014609
  • Published: 19 January 2007
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 80
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