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Girls for God: soul perspectives

Katie Wood

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Being a teenager is a trying time; it's a phase of life when all sorts of new problems and joys present themselves, from school work to boyfriends to thinking about the future. Trying to navigate all this isn't easy.

Girls for God: soul perspectives is a spiral-bound collection of Bible-based thoughts, advice and prayers written specially for teenage girls. The author Katie is a teenager herself and so writes from recent experience of the rollercoaster ride young people experience. Covering a wide range of topics, Girls for God is accessible for both Christians and those on the fringes of faith, with all Bible passages taken from the Contemporary English Version (CEV).

Girls for God: soul perspectives is ideal for teenage girls, both Christians and seekers. It is suitable for youth workers, parents, godparents or ministers looking for a gift for teenagers in the church. It is also suitable as a confirmation, church membership or baptism gift.

Topics covered include:

  • When you need encouragement
  • When you're worried
  • When something good has happened
  • When you've messed up
  • When those around you need help
  • When you're tempted
  • When you're being made fun of
  • When you're jealous
  • When you're anxious about the future
  • When you're worried about your appearance
  • When you want a boyfriend
  • When you're in love
  • When you're having doubts
  • When you want to share your beliefs with others
  • When you want to share your journey with God

From the author:

'I have written this book of Bible reflections, thoughts and prayers, because I wanted something similar for myself but couldn't find it. Although I haven't been a Christian for many years, my faith has helped me through a lot and I want to encourage others, especially if they are going through hard times, to stay close to God. I have learned that this is the best way of dealing with anything.'


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Author info

Katie Wood has just finished her A levels and is about to start a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is passionate about her faith and about communicating it in writing. She has also written two fantasy novels for teenagers (unpublished) and is currently working on another novel, which aims to reproduce the gospel message in an accessible, funny way. She has also had poems published and contributed to a local newspaper.


Written for teenagers, by a teenager, this handbook is straightforward and easy to read. It makes ideal reading for teenagers who are either new Christians or interested in finding out more about Christianity

The author covers the basics of living the Christian life, not just the theory. She's been there and struggled with the same problems as her readers. The result; she doesn't talk down to her readers but gets alongside them.

I like the way she balances each study. She doesn't just concentrate on all the negatives (how hard life can be) and neither does she give the impression that once you're a Christian life is one big high. Her outlook is realistic and full of common sense. Even if you're not a Christian, this book has plenty of real-life help for you.

A lot of Christian help books promise unrealistic experiences. The author of Girls for God is truthful and refreshingly honest. Being a Christian makes life hard because you're now responsible for everything you do and say; God expects high standards. But at the same time she illustrates very clearly how much God loves us and wants to help us live up to his standards.

This book can be read straight through as well chapter by chapter as a study aid. I would recommend that it accompanies Youth Alpha Courses as it is probably the most down-to-earth book about God I've ever come across.

Reviewed by Freya Pickard

From Youthwork Magazine October 2009

Girls for God is a spiral bound book of biblically based reflections and advice written for teenage girls by a teenage girl, giving her unique insight into the concerns she addresses. It is organised around situations faced by girls at this stage of life: wanting a boyfriend, struggling with stress and school work, making big decisions, feeling insecure about your appearance and facing temptations. As well as the main reflection, each entry includes a bible passage, a couple of prayers and some questions to encourage the reader to engage more deeply with the subject.

I was impressed by the author's knowledge and love of the Bible; she uses both Old and New Testaments to great effect, and chose apt and interesting passages to explore. Her advice is unfailingly Biblical, but she has an eye for practical application. The style is lively and accessible, although I found myself hungry for more of her personal story (maybe I am just nosey!). Katie Wood's maturity and passion to live her life wholeheartedly for God is inspirational. This is a great resource for those working with teenagers.

Reviewed by Jo Swinney, author and speaker, married to a youth worker in South Bucks

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  • ISBN: 9780857460707
  • Published: 20 April 2012
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 112
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