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...resourcing children and families to explore the Bible and grow in faith

Barnabas Children's Ministry is part of BRF a Christian Registered Charity and incorporates our work with children under 11 and those who work with them in church, at school and at home.

All that we do is made possible through the generosity of the individuals, churches and charitable trusts that support our work. Barnabas Children's Ministry doesn't generate very much income itself (the only aspect we charge for is some of the training, and the Barnabas RE Days we lead in schools) and so we are dependent each year on the financial support of those that share the vision for these pioneering ministries.

Your support for our ministry is therefore vital.

Could you make a special gift to help us take Barnabas Children's Ministry forward?

There are several ways in which you could help:

Whatever you're able to do, we are extremely grateful to you.

Donate online

Pray for BRF

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More about the work of Barnabas Children's Ministry

There are three aspects to Barnabas Children's Ministry:

Barnabas in churches: resourcing churches, children and families to explore the Bible and grow in faith

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Barnabas in schools: exploring Christianity creatively

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Faith in Homes: resourcing children and families to explore Christianity and grow in faith

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