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You will find on these pages a wealth of ideas for children's and all-age work. You can either use the search box above, or you can add some of the keywords on the left to find the right ideas for you.

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Messy mission: Acts 1-12

The story of the Christian church in the first twelve chapters of the book of Acts - on fire for mission, as well as trying to work out how best to care for its growing membership. This idea would work for a group session or within an all-age service and includes a group drama.

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Acts 1-12 drama

The story of Acts 1-12 in words and actions.

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Naomi and Ruth

The story of Naomi and Ruth in the book of Ruth has much to teach us about how God welcomes and cares for those who, as refugees, face the loss of family and familiar surroundings. This simple retelling is suitable for use with a small group or as part of all-age worship.

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Praying with the world

Ideas for prayer from the worldwide family of the church. Suitable for use with a children's group or as part of an all-age service in church.

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Speaking in tongues

A selection of words for 'hello' and 'peace' in several different languages. This activity gives a taste of how the Holy Spirit enabled the praises of God to be heard in every language on the day of Pentecost. Suitable for a children's group or as part of an all-age service.

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A lame man is healed at the Beautiful Gate

A fun way to tell the story of the healing of the lame man by Peter and John, using a well-known nursery counting song. It is suitable for a Messy Church celebration, an all-age service, collective worship or a group session with adults and children.

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What is God like? Animal images

Animal picture clues in both Old and New Testaments help us understand more about what God is like. This presentation is suitable for a special service celebrating pets and the amazing variety of animals in God’s world.

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Contemporary story of Zacchaeus

This is the dramatic story of Zacchaeus in a new context - on the streets of London rather than Jericho, drawing on imagery from a famous money-making board game.

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Palm Sunday story

The story of Palm Sunday, told from a child's point of view. Suitable for all-age worship or a children's group.

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Decision time

The weeks of Lent leading up to the events of Holy Week and Easter are traditionally a time for personal reflection and recommitment to following Jesus. This outline for an all-age service or group session focuses on making the serious decision to become a disciple of Christ and draws on Luke 14:25-33.

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