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Barnabas in Churches

Resourcing work among children and families

‘And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me.’
Matthew 18:5 (CEV)

Welcome to the Barnabas in Churches website. We are passionate about bringing the Bible to life for children and families and so, on this site you will find ideas for your Sunday and midweek groups, material for all-age worship, links to our books, resources for training and information about our programmes and ministries.

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No-Rehearsal Nativity

The No-Rehearsal NativityThe No-Rehearsal Nativity allows you to perform nativity plays without the need for rehearsals, and with the flexibility to include whoever turns up on the day. Your life gets easier and there is a greater sense of involvement. If you are stretched for time or feel unskilled in dramatic productions, this is the book to buy.


Messy Isaiah

The prophecies in the Old Testament book of Isaiah are often quoted during Advent, and some of its key passages are part of Christmas services. These crafts and activities could be used for a Messy Church session on the book of Isaiah or as a resource for children’s groups during Advent.


Mrs Dinn at the Inn

A retelling of the Christmas story from the viewpoint of the innkeeper and his wife, Mr and Mrs Dinn. Includes PowerPoint illustrations.


Saint Hugh of Lincoln

Stories of the heroes and heroines of the faith over the past 2000 years can be inspiring and every bit as thrilling as some of the superhero tales that grip the attention of children and adults in today’s world. This reflective story about Hugh of Lincoln, a courageous bishop in twelfth-century England, is one such tale. St Hugh's day is celebrated on 17 November.


King Saul - leadership

This story about King Saul is a very honest account of human failure. Saul was handsome, tall, especially anointed by God, and humble. He had a deep spiritual experience of God, but he messed up.

Also in this story, the prophet Samuel, who was a very godly man, experienced failure at the end of his life; Saul let him down too. God was sorry and sad and experienced rejection (yet again!) in this episode from Israel’s history.

The story is found in 1 Samuel 15:1-35. This is the Bible being honest about human failure, God’s broken-hearted disappointment and the sadness of even one of the Bible’s most gifted prophetic leaders.


Harvest Thanksgiving

  • A harvest of compassion: Harvest Thanksgiving is an opportunity to thank God for our food and also to become aware of the needs of the wider local community as well as those in other countries who do not have as much as we do. This outline draws on Isaiah 58 with ideas for an all-age celebration to help us look outward on the world with compassion at this festival time.
  • Harvest at home: This is a simple harvest fundraising activity for families to do at home in the week leading up to a special Harvest Thanksgiving service at church.

Travel to the Mediterranean with Paul

Some of you may be travelling to Europe during the holidays, so here are two new ideas to explore Pauls' travel with the gospel to Mediterranean islands:

These build on some existing ideas on the Barnabas in Churches website about Paul's missionary journeys in Greece:


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