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Barnabas in Churches

Resourcing work among children and families

‘And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me.’
Matthew 18:5 (CEV)

Welcome to the Barnabas in Churches website. We are passionate about bringing the Bible to life for children and families and so, on this site you will find ideas for your Sunday and midweek groups, material for all-age worship, links to our books, resources for training and information about our programmes and ministries.

What's new

Harvest Ideas

Harvest services and harvest suppers are among the most attended and popular church events of the Christian year. Here are some suggestions for all-age activities that could be part of a church family celebration.

Our Christian harvest festival has its biblical roots in the Feast of Tabernacles. Here are some group activity and craft ideas to create a special prayer space linked to the celebration.

Harvest Craft Idea

Harvest Activity


Joshua - a reflective story

Starting a new task for God can be daunting. Many Christians in this situation have found inspiration and support from the story of Joshua - who took over from Moses the task of leading the people of God. This reflective story explores how Joshua trusted the Lord.

Joshua - A reflective story


Travels in Greece - Misson Philippi

New holiday-time series
Have you made holiday plans? How about travelling off to Greece on one of Paul's missionary journeys, which led to Christian churches being established all around the eastern Mediterranean. The dramatic stories of how each community first heard about Jesus are full of inspiration and encouragement for us today. In particular, they explore prayer for guidance, how to share the gospel, and Christian friendships. The session outlines could be used as a series for your group or holiday club, or used as the basis for a series of all-age services.


Fathers Day and Families

Although Father's Day isn't strictly in the Christian calendar of special days, nevertheless many churches still like to mark the occasion. It is a time to say thank you to fathers and all those other father figures - be they family, friends, colleagues, people at church - who play an important part in our lives, including God the Father.

Here are two new ideas that could be used for a Father's Day celebration:

  • Father Abraham focuses on one of the most famous fathers in the Bible as an example of faith and fatherhood.
  • Families come in many shapes and sizes - and this was as true in Bible times as it is today. The Family of God is a reflective story about some families found in the New Testament and wonders what these families might teach us today. There is also a PowerPoint presentation available with this idea for use with large groups or in all-age worship.

Father Abraham

The Family of God


Through the Year with Who Let The Dads Out?

Through the Year with Who Let The Dads Out?If your church is looking to run events that will reach out to dads/father figures and children, then Through the Year with Who Let The Dads Out? offers the material you need to provide a structure and content for such events in a fun and informal way.


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What Price Peace?

What Price Peace?How do we help children mark the centenary of the First World War? Our modern world certainly seems to be just as turbulent a place as it was 100 years ago, so what's to be gained from discussing it now? Well... quite a lot, actually. The centenary raises interesting questions about how faith and belief connect with the real world. For many people of that time, faith played a powerful part in holding oneself together. Faith also informed the courage of many who protested against the war. Their individual stories can give us cause to reflect on what we would do today in similar situations - and may even inspire us.

What Price Peace? is the latest project from Barnabas for Children which, although aimed at helping primary schools make sense of the war, has much that could be used in a church context too. Do you encourage the children and young people of your church to ask difficult questions? Can they connect the Jesus of the Bible with our own modern world? We've unearthed some surprising stories that could help you discuss these thoughts, especially as we approach Remembrance Sunday!


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New ideas for Pentecost

Retelling the story of Pentecost isn't an easy one. Flames, strange languages and localised tornadoes can make it all seem rather weird and unreal, but what matters of course are the lives changed by the Holy Spirit. The Acts of the Apostles is full of such stories - and so our new ideas this month focus on a few of them. Why not use them for a mini-series with your children's group or in all-age worship in church?

Philip and the treasurer
Peter and Cornelius
Saul to Paul

Each of these outlines follows the same pattern as the sessions found in The Big Story, which contains 36 full sessions as well as six reflective stories, all of which draw on Old and New Testament stories to explore some of the great themes of the Bible. They could be a valuable one-stop programme source for your children's group or Sunday work.


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